Super Ice-Cream potong

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Taluwang makes ice cream like no other; by combining two of the simplest yet most common pleasures found in Borneo – rich healthy tropical fruits and of course, icy cold ice cream.

Its signature product comes in its famous 'aiskrim potong', a four-inch long frozen stick of ice flavoured with chunks of fresh local fruits such as avocado, red bean, cempedak, corn and durian.

It just gets even healthier with Taluwang as the company uses the fresh milk of coconuts, the tropical fruit known for its multiple benefits, as its base ingredient.

But ultimately, what Taluwang wishes to share to the rest of the world is not just its unique brand of ice cream recipe but a taste of exotic Borneo told in a simple stick of ice flavoured with some of nature's greatest products harvested from a land that is millions of years old.