Super Ice-Cream potong

Super Ice-Cream Potong

Sabah experiences a typical equatorial climate with constant temperatures which are relatively constant throughout the course of the year with average high temperatures around 31 degrees Celsius. Therefore, strolling around Sabah with our TALUWANG ice cream to slurp and chomp with is indeed refreshing and it gives you a euphoric feeling. Sabah is rich in many kinds of tropical fruits which grow in abundance and throughout the whole year. It is quite impossible for one to taste all the fruits, but TALUWANG ice cream can let you eat as many as you want. Different fruits are used to make different flavors of our super ice cream. They are the fragrant Durian, the sweet Mango, the smooth Red Bean, the juicy Cempedak, the soft Yam, the crisp Cendol, the heavenly Corn and the refreshing Avocado. You wish to share this salivating and heavenly ice cream to your friends and family but the journey is far and by the time you get there, the ice cream has already melted.
TALUWANG is thoughtful enough to have come out with a solution that will make your dream comes true. TALUWANG has specially designed a Styrofoam box which can make its ice cream survive prolonged periods of about 10 hours without melting and it is easy to be carried too, either using hand carry or put inside the luggage. When you arrive home, just open the box. You can see that the ice cream is still fresh in its original shape and the taste is still as yummy as ever. It will definitely bring back the fond memories as when you are in Sabah.

Even when it is not in your mouth yet, you can smell a distinctive pervasive savory aroma of a real durian. It is indeed mouthwatering. The only difference between our ice cream and the king of fruits is that our ice cream is refreshingly cool.
The original taste of red bean will be heaven in your mouth. Just stuff the popsicle into your mouth and give it a great suck. Incredibly, this ice pop is sweet and creamy enough that you find it not too watery or too rich. With the small red beans around, it will make it even nicer and in this case, yippee!!!
The ravishing color of purple definitely will attract you to it. It will increase your appetite and the sweetness of yam will definitely make you finger licking good.

Slurp and lick it slowly, mmmm! It’s indeed quenching and salivating. When you chomp it down, wah! It’s creamy and sweet! Long before you know it, you will be addicted to it and definitely ask for more.
When you chomp down this ice cream, only you realize what it is called to be "a meal fit for a god”. The sweet and savory taste will remain in your mouth for a long time and not to mention about the hidden pieces of corns inside the ice cream which will definitely add pleasures to your taste bud.
Sweet, aromatic and smooth. This is how we define Cendol. Every single bite will give you an unforgettable sensational feeling and you will definitely be amazed.

The fragrant aromatic smell of Cempedak is definitely a reason why people buy this ice cream. The most surprisingly of all is that when you chomp it down, your stomach will cry out loud asking for more
The sensational feeling that you will get after you try this ice cream is indeed indescribable. Everything regardless of the smell or the taste is extremely marvelous that you will chomp it down one after another.