Super Ice-Cream potong


In 1996, Stephen Lau returned to Sabah with a big idea: to produce an ice cream that would appeal to everyone’s taste buds. Armed with a formula he had learnt from his previous employer abroad and a gifted sense of taste of good food, Stephen shared his dream with his brothers to set up a company that produces ice cream with a difference – one that reflects a true Malaysian identity.

Sabah, where the company is based, is home to so many different tropical fruits from coconuts, cempedak, avocados and the king of all – durians – just to name a few. These gifts of Mother Nature were thought of as the missing link to Stephen’s big idea. Through trial and error, many obstacles and challenges including the 1998 global financial crisis that hit Taluwang Sdn Bhd which was still at its infancy stage, the 'ice cream potong' made its strong presence in the market, offering a delightful combination of the taste of Borneo island’s natural richness and the universal appeal for the cold and delicious ice cream.

But the company goes one step further than just producing the delicious fruity 'ice cream potong'. Production takes priority in promoting a healthy diet in the fact that it uses all the fresh and natural ingredients which includes the rich coconut milk as its base ingredient.