Super Ice-Cream potong

Taluwang Sdn Bhd’s brief profile

Taluwang Sdn Bhd was established in 1996 to produce an ice cream that embraces the true Malaysian and Sabahan identity. The abundance of fresh and healthy fruits in Sabah has given the company the perfect ingredients to accomplish that vision. Thus the ice cream potong was born that comes with various delightful flavours such as durian, cempedak, red bean, avocado and corn.

But the company's road to success was not to be achieved overnight. It rode through many challenges and obstacles particularly the turbulent times brought about by the global financial market crisis in 1998. But the minds behind the company were determined to succeed, believing that they had a product that would appeal to the taste of the population.
Blessings came with patience and sense of belief as the company gradually expanded its distribution network in Sabah, reaching out to as many discerning customers who wanted not just a delicious ice cream, but one that is healthy to consume and comes with a difference.

In 1999, Taluwang Sdn Bhd made its first step into the international market albeit by accident. One of its distribution lines was an outlet at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) set the perfect avenue for 'ice cream potong' to reach the taste buds of foreign tourists who fell in love with it instantly. Word soon went around in their respective countries about a delightful stick of ice cream from Sabah that was not only delicious but different. Word got to the attention of foreign retailers and soon enough, 'ice cream potong' made its mark in countries/regions like Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Taiwan.

Currently, Taluwang Sdn Bhd produces about half a million sticks of 'ice cream potong' including other types for both the local and foreign markets. It has a production capacity of producing 1 million in a month.

Supported by a dedicated team of long serving staff, Taluwang Sdn Bhd complies with the highest standards of food production and is constantly developing its R&D section to further strengthen its position as an ambassador of a true Malaysian-made product to the world.
Taluwang Group - Establish Regional Leader in related Industries.
TALUWANG SDN. BHD. Constantly setting the benchmark in ice cream manufacturing, maintain good quality, giving our customers a peace of mind and continually exceeding expectations. We manage that by providing services that are consistent with reliability and value-enhancing.